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13/4/08 02:24 - shadio_xp

I do not have a clue what they were smoking when the Toonattic people tried this, but DO WANT... :|
(my guess that Graduation Pt2 just airing didn't help...)


They were all talking about preciditions at the time which were all... "WTF?!"

4/3/08 23:05 - shadio_xp - I'm not Sorry... :|


After watching that episode, that was the first thing I thought of. I'm Not Sorry... =3

18/9/07 04:42 - shadio_xp - More KP!Who Redardary

...because it pooped itself into my head whilst waiting for a Kim Possible Related video to upload on YouTube. It's also x-posted at ihasatardis.

Not really unsafe for 56K, nor is really spoilery for Kim Possible, or Torchwood, Or Sarah Jane Adventures... unless you're too Young to watch it of course... ;)Collapse )

I really should do some KP!Who Macros using The Episodes Mad Dogs And Aliens and Graduation - I mean, they actually had aliens in them :P

20/6/07 11:07 - shadio_xp

These two got me thinking... **SPOILERS FOR MENTOR OF OUR DISCONTENT!!**
Cut for spoilers to Mentor of our DiscontentCollapse )

15/5/07 21:19 - shadio_xp - Not Even Cheerleader can save this topic...


(click for bigger image - opens in new window)
Not even Perky Cheerleaders can same this thread nao!!

13/5/07 05:18 - shadio_xp

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yeah, probably doesn't make sense... :-\
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